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119 Watercolor Birth Month Flower Clipart, Birthday Flower, Mother's Day Gift

119 Watercolor Birth Month Flower Clipart, Birthday Flower, Mother's Day Gift

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Introducing Birth Month Flowers Clipart: a stunning assortment of birth flower PNGs, explicitly designed for Birth Month Flower enthusiasts.

Ideal for various purposes, including websites, social media banners, presentations, invitation cards, greeting cards, birthday celebrations, Mother's Day surprises, and countless other creative endeavors.

Product includes:
◆ 119 assorted digital clipart packs of Birth Flowers
◆ PNG format with transparent background, sRGB
◆ 300 dpi for clean, crisp high-resolution images ready to print or use digitally

The Birth Month Flowers Clipart Pack is ideal for creating stickers, website pages, sale flyers, postcards, party invitations, and scrapbooking gifts for your loved ones. It's also perfect for digital projects such as website design, blogs, and digital planners.

Whether designing greeting cards, or invitation cards, enhancing your interior décor, embellishing a kids' room, or exploring the art of scrapbooking, our pack offers the perfect clipart selection for your creative endeavors. With attention to detail and exceptional quality, these images will elevate your projects.

Birth month flowers are specific flowers associated with each month of the year. They are often used to symbolize or celebrate someone's birth month meaningfully. Here's a list of the birth month flowers:

▪ January: Carnation or Snowdrop
Carnations symbolize love, fascination, and distinction, while snowdrops represent hope and beauty.
▪ February: Violet or Primrose
Violets symbolize faithfulness, humility, and spiritual wisdom, while primroses represent young love and eternal affection.
▪ March: Daffodil or Jonquil
Daffodils represent new beginnings, rebirth, and unrequited love, while jonquils symbolize friendship and domestic happiness.
▪ April: Daisy or Sweet Pea
Daisies symbolize purity, innocence, and loyal love, while sweet peas represent gratitude, blissful pleasure, and farewell.
▪ May: Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn
Lily of the Valley represents sweetness, humility, and a return to happiness, while hawthorn flowers symbolize hope, happiness, and protection.
▪ June: Rose or Honeysuckle
Roses symbolize love, passion, and beauty, with different colors having additional meanings, while honeysuckle represents the strong bond of love and affection.
▪ July: Larkspur or Water Lily
Larkspur represents love, lightness, and levity, with different colors signifying different emotions, while water lilies symbolize purity, enlightenment, and rebirth.
▪ August: Gladiolus or Poppy
Gladiolus symbolizes strength, moral integrity, and infatuation, while poppies represent dreams, imagination, and eternal sleep.
▪ September: Aster or Morning Glory
Asters represent love, wisdom, and faith, while morning glories symbolize unrequited love, affection, and mortality.
▪ October: Marigold or Cosmos
Marigolds symbolize warmth, fierce love, and creativity, while cosmos represent harmony, balance, and tranquility.
▪ November: Chrysanthemum or Peony
Chrysanthemums represent happiness, love, and longevity, while peonies symbolize prosperity, honor, and romance.
▪ December: Narcissus or Holly
Narcissus represents rebirth, new beginnings, and self-esteem, while holly symbolizes protection, defense, and goodwill.

Upon purchasing this digital product, you will receive one zip file for instant download. Please note that this is a digital product and no physical items will be shipped to you. Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive a link to download the zip files, and you will need a suitable program to unzip them.

◆ 119 assorted digital clipart elements
◆ PNG format with transparent background, sRGB
◆ 300 dpi for clean, crisp high-resolution images ready to print or use digitally
◆ Birth Month Flowers Pencil Drawing (2 Flowers for Each month +1 extra)
◆ Birth Month Flowers Watercolor Drawing with Stem (2 Flowers each month + 2 Extra)
◆ Birth Month Flowers Watercolor Drawing without Stem (2 Flowers each month)
◆ Birth Month Flowers Thin line Drawing with Stem (2 Flowers each month)

Licensing Terms

Personal Use:
You are allowed to use our artwork for personal or non-profit projects.

Commercial Use:
You are permitted to use the images for commercial purposes. You may use the clipart in your products for sale, including template-based software such as Templett, Corjl, Canva, and JetTemplate.

Please refrain from redistributing or reselling the clipart as is, under this name or any other name, on any platform.

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Great quality! I just love these!


"Finally, clipart that doesn't look like clipart! These designs are truly a cut above. 🎉"


"The perfect blend of trendy and timeless in these clipart designs. They never go out of style!"


"I'm so glad I found this clipart collection. It's made my design process so much smoother and more enjoyable!"


Thank you so much for your help! The project turned out perfectly thanks to your assistance.